The best way to begin your career in cyber security

In today’s interconnected world, everyone is at risk of cyber-attacks. This blog is the perfect introduction to cybersecurity as a profession or as a career.
- Deepak Gowda, CoffeeBeans.

The best way to begin your career in cyber security

  • Are you interested in Cyber Security as a career?

Hopefully, this article will help you gain an understanding of cyberspace and move in the right direction.

In fact, just like any other information technology (IT) domain like programming, Testing, IT security is a huge subject. Becoming an expert hacker in this field takes effort, practice, and time.

IT Security can be mainly divided into two major parts:

  1. Offensive Security

In offensive security, people will perform Ethical Hacking (legal way of hacking the application and get paid for it 😊), Penetration Testing (Measuring the security posture of the application), and other operations to discover problems in IT Infrastructure before a hacker can penetrate and damage it.

2. Defensive Security

In defensive security, people will do everything they can to ensure maximum security. Antivirus Companies, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Firewalls, Distributed denial of service protection systems (DDoS), and other end-point security mechanisms fall into defensive security.

Whether you are a recent graduate in any degree or an experienced professional who wants to switch to security, I strongly suggest you get the following certifications or gain the knowledge either through online platforms like Udemy.

  1. A+ certification is widely accepted as an industry standard certification used to start careers in the information technology (IT) industry. The A+ certification is issued by CompTIA.

After that Follow To do the Advance Certification based on your future goals.

Certification in cyber security
Certification in Cyber security domain

It is important to have a good set of certifications that demonstrate knowledge of the IT security field, but continuous learning is what makes you a better IT security professional, not a particular course or certification.

I really hope I have shed light on some important ways to be a part of the IT security community.

Happy Learning !



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